Available sites in the business park.

Over 400 acres are available for development in the park. The park has been surveyed and marked into lots of various sizes, but properties can be combined or segmented as needed. The price per acre is $20,000. Contact Bruce Carpenter, Executive Director of the Southeast Kentucky Industrial Development Authority for further information and availability. (606) 528-6390


Featured Listing: Speculative Building #5

Speculative building #5 is now under construction on lot 7 and will be available in the Fall of 2024!  This is a perfect location for manufacturing, just 3 miles from US I-75,  and sits conveniently within the city limits. Speculative building #5 will be 101,050 square feet with a total pad square footage of 190,000. The total site acreage is 34 with the option to add additional acreage. A build ready pad of 80,000 square feet on 34 acres lies adjacent on lot 8 and is available as a separate purchase. Download the specifications sheet below for more details.

Download PDF for Speculative Building #5

Watch NOW: Speculative Building #5

Interactive Map

LOT #1 LOT #2 LOT #3 LOT #4 LOT #6 LOT #7 LOT #8 LOT #10A SBP-3 SBP-4 SBP-5 SBP-6 SBP-7 SBP-8

LOT #1


Lot #1 is currently available.

Lot Area (acres): 9.43

Building Area (sqft): 20,000

LOT #2


Lot #2 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 12.22

Building Area (SQFT): 55,000 

LOT #3


Lot #3 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 43.72

Building Area (SQFT): 80,000 

LOT #4


Lot #4 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 47.92

Building Area (SQFT): 60,000 

LOT #6


Lot #6 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 15.55

Building Area (SQFT): 44,000 

LOT #7


Lot #7 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 34.12

Building Area (SQFT): 120,000 

LOT #8


Lot #8 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 33.16

Building Area (SQFT):  80,000

LOT #10A


Lot #10A is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 25.77

Building Area (SQFT): Call for details.



SBP-3 is currently available

Lot Area (Acres): 4.7

Building Area (SQFT): 15,000 



SBP-4 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 15.4

Building Area (SQFT): 20,000 



SBP-5 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 26.7

Building Area (SQFT): 15,000 



SBP-6 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 11.3

Building Area (SQFT): 2,000 



SBP-7 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 9.1

Building Area (SQFT): 25,000 



SBP-8 is currently available. 

Lot Area (Acres): 7.7

Building Area (SQFT): 20,000